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12th  Ave  Arts  Blackbox Theater

Produced  by  au  collective


September  2015

10,  11,  12


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Photo   by   Andrew   Imanaka

Video  and  photography    by   Andrew   Imanaka


Web   design   by   Hallie   Scott



Past  Works

Including   Projects  that  feature  Au  Choreographers,  Dancers,  Community  Partnerships, and  Seattle  Choreographers  who  feature  au  collective  members






The  Golden  Future:

a  free  two-day  dance  workshop  series  for  youth 

AT the  Yesler  Terrace  Community  Center  

April  8 - 9, 2017

for  youth  7-18  years  old




Relay  dance  collective 

March  31  -  april  2, 2017

YAW  Theater

Including  work  by  Au  Choreographer  Imana  Gunawan



Metamorphosis: A  Choreographic  cabaret  showcase

Sunday  March  26, 2017

5:30 - 7:30pm

ARC  Dance

Including  work  by  Au  Choreographers  Becca Smith and  Mike  O'neal



Table & Chairs   Second  Wednesdays

curated  by Au  Collective's  Hallie  Scott

featuring  dance  by Hallie  Scott, Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Angel  Alviar-Langley,  Imana  Gunawan,  El  Nyberg,  Lorraine  Lau

Live  Music  by  Table&Chairs

feb  8,  2017

The  Vermillion  art  gallery  and  bar

1508 11th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122



Moksha  fest

Jan  18,  2017




spectrum  Dance  Theater  

Choreography  by  Donald  Byrd

(Including  au  dancer  fausto  Rivera)

Jan  19  - feb  4,  2017




Gay  Witch 

Gay  City  Arts  Season  Four :  Uncontained 

Au  choreographer  Angel  Alviar-Langley 

Au  Dancer  Lorraine  Lau

Thursday - Sunday  7pm  

December  7-11,  2016



House  of  Dinah



Choreographer  Dani  Terrell

 Including  Performances  by  Au  Dancer  Randy  Ford

Produced  by  and  performed  at  On  the  Boards

December 7 – 11,  2016



Legendary  Children

Produced  by  the  Seattle  Art  Museum  and Seattle  Public  Libraries

Copresented with:
Center for MultiCultural Health
HIV Vaccine Trials Unit
Fred Hutchison: defeatHIV Community Advisory Board, Legacy Project
Gay City
La Sala
Pride Asia
Youth Speaks Seattle

November  5, 2017




work by  Coleman  Pester //TECTONIC MARROW SOCIETY

Including  performances by Au dancers

Cheryl Delostrinos, Lorraine Lau , and  randy ford 

October   21   &  26,   2017

King Street Station

Produced by: 9e2

Curated by: John  Boylan



The  Metamorph  at  “The  Neddy Artist  Awards:  20  Years”  Exhibition 

By  Mandy  Greer 

Featuring  Au  Dancer  Lorraine  Lau

October  7,  2016 

Pivot + Culture

609  Westlake  Ave  N,  Seattle,  Washington  98109  

All ages.  


Presented  by  Cornish  College  of  the  Arts.

 “The  Neddy Artist  Awards:  20  Years”  Exhibition 




October  13-14, 2016 

12th  Avenue  Arts  Theater

Au  Collective  and  the  fabulous  performance  duo  Gender-tender 

Reset  is  Produced  by  Washington   Ensemble  Theatre
Curated  by  Mark  Haim,  Babette  Pendleton,  

Ali   Mohamed   el-Gasseir,  and  Alice  Gosti


Relay  Dance  Collective  Showcase

Including  work  by  Au  choreographer  Megan  Erickson  in  collaboration  with  Angel  Langley

September  25,  2016
Dance  Fremont  studio  theater



Flashpoint: An  Evening  of Contemporary  Dance 

From  Sea
Including  work  by  Au  choreographers:  Imana  Gunawan  &  Cheryl  Delostrinos

Au  dancers:  El  Nyberg,  Lorraine  Lau,  Hallie  Scott,  

Austin  Nguyen,  Michael  O'Neal,  reBecca  Smith,  

Randy  Ford,  Imana  Gunawan  and  Cheryl  Delostrinos

Vashon  Center  for  the  Arts:  Katherine  L.  White  Hall 



Out  of  Sight

A  month -long  multi-media  arts  festival

Produced  by  Vital  5  Productions

performance  art  curated  by   molly  sides

Held  on  the top  floor of  king  street  station 


August 4, 2016

Au  Choreographer: Cheryl Delostrinos

Au  Dancers:  Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Fausto  Rivera,  

Angel  Langley,  Robin  Rojas,  Austin  Nguyen,  El Nyberg,  

Becca  Smith,  Imana  Gunawan,  Hallie  Scott

Au  Tech:  Megan  Erickson


August 14, 2016

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Au  Choreographer  Randy  Ford


August  27,  2016

1:00  -  3:30 pm

Au  choreographers  Imana  Gunawan  and  Hallie  Scott



SAM  Remix

Produced  by the  seattle  art  museum

August  26, 2016

8:00pm  -  midnight

at  the  OLYMPIC  SCULPTURE  PARK  on   the  seattle  waterfront 



UW  2016  annual Alumni  Fundraising Event:  Mighty  Tieton  Block  Party

A  city  wide  fundraising  event featuring   new  Work  by  Au  Collective,  Sound installations by Trimpin, Letterpress demo,

UW faculty shop talks, Food trucks, Wine + cider tastings, Photo booth, + More

Au  choreographers:  Cheryl Delostrinos, Fausto  Rivera,  Hallie  Scott,  and  Angel Langley

Au  Dancers:  Cheryl Delostrinos, Fausto  Rivera,  Hallie  Scott,  Angel Langley,  Robin  Rojas,  El Nyberg,  Lorraine  Lau,  Becca  Smith,  Austin  Nguyen,  Randy  Ford

Logistics and Tech:  Megan  Erickson,  Sam  Picart



Diamonds (in two parts)

Au  Choreographer:  Imana  Gunawan

Au  Dancers:  Hallie  Scott,  RAndy  Ford,  Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Angel  Langley,  REbecca  Smith,  and  Lorraine  Lau

Restaged  for   The   Glossary: Perspectives  Defined  By Art,  Produced by Ajusticenetwork

Produced  originally  by  Boost  dance  festival/ Exit  Space

Free,  part of the  ongoing  STG  Nights  at  the  neptune

July  28,  2016



Bodies  of  water

Au  Dancers:  Lorraine  Lau  and  Hallie  Scott

Dancing  for  Alice  Gosti  and  ensemble

Produced   by  velocity  dance  center

a  free  5-hour  event  on  the   seattle  Waterfront

July  16, 2016



Bayanihan: A Collection of Physical Tales

Au  Choreographer:  Cheryl  Delostrinos

Au  coordinator:  Megan  Erickson

AU  Dancers:   Hallie  SCott,  Imana  Gunawan,  Randy  Ford,  Fausto  Rivera,  Lorraine  Lau,  Sam  Picart,  Cheryl  Delostrinos 

NorthWest  New Works  Festival  2016

Produced  by  On  The  Boards

Light  design  by  Meg  Fox

June  10-12,  2016

Reviews:  The  Stranger - SLOG:  Rich  Smith

OTB  Blog:  Ryan  Vinson,

OtB  Blog:  Jessica  Jobaris



Giselle   Deconstruct

Au  Dancer:  Rebecca  Smith

Dancing  in  Veronica  Lee-Baik's  The  Three  Yells

NorthWest  New Works  Festival

Produced  by  On  The  Boards

June  17-19,  2016


Diamonds (in  two  parts)

Au  Choreographer:  Imana  Gunawan

Au  Dancers:  Hallie  Scott,  RAndy  Ford,  Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Angel  Langley,  REbecca  Smith,  Imana  Gunawan

Performed  at  Boost  Dance  Festival  2016

Produced  by  eXit  Space

April  29-30,  2016



these  streets  are  paved  with   glitter

Au  Choreographer:  Imana  Gunawan 

Dancers:  RAndy Ford,  Caroline  Reis, Joclyn  Mathis,  Kristin  Brewer

Performed  at  Full Tilt 2016

Produced  by  Evoke  Productions

presented  at  Velocity  Dance  Center 
April  8 -9, 2016



Launch 3.0

Including  Au  Choreographers:  re Becca   Smith,   Michael   O'Neal  Jr.

Including  au  Dancers:  Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Imana  Gunawan,  reBecca  Smith,  Michael  O'neal  jr.
Produced  by The  Studios
March  13 -14,  2016



Effigies  of  girlhood

Au  Choreographer:  Imana Gunawan

UW  Dancers:  Ivana  Lin,  Alyssa  Fung,  Becky  Leslie

Performed  at  the  UW  Dance   Majors   Concert
Produced  by   University  of  Washington
March  2 - 6,  2016



The  New Masculine 

Au  Choreographer:  RAndy  Ford 

Au  Dancers: Randy  ford  and  Fausto  Rivera

Performed  at  Showing  Out:  Contemporary  Black  choreographers  Showcase

 Produced  by  The  CD  Forum

Presented  at  Velocity  Dance  Center

March  5-6,  2016



Au  Collective
participating  in  SQUID  MGMT's

a  7 month  administration  program  for  Professional  Artists

January - July  2016

Au  Dancer:  Michael  O'Neal  Jr.
Dancing  in  Amy  O'Neal's  ongoing  2014-2016  tours
Opposing  Forces


Au  DAncer:  Fausto   Rivera
Dancing  in  Spectrum  Dance  Theater's  2015/2016  Season



Au  Dancer: Lorraine Lau
In  Alyza  DelPan- Monley's The  Ticking  Tocks  of Jumbled  Time
Performed  at  Cabaret  Boris  &  Natasha

February  19,  2016



Au  Dancer:  Rebecca  Smith 
Dancing  in  Veronica  Lee  Baik's 

The  Three  Yells
Her  Name  is  Isaac

Produced  by  Cornish  college  of  the  arts

Presented  At  Cornish  Playhouse

February  11,  2016


Au  Dancer:  Lorraine  Lau 
Dancing  in  Alice  Gosti's  work


presented  at  resET
Produced  by Washington  Ensemble  Theatre
February  4, 2016



Au  Dancers: Imana  Gunawan,  Lorraine  Lau,  &   El  Nyberg
The  Bridge  Project

Produced  by  Velocity Dance  Center

January  29,  2016


Au  Dancer:  Austin  Nguyen
dancing  in  Marc  Pacampara's  work Presented  at
Sign  of the Times 2016

 Produced  by  Westlake  Dance  Center

January  29,  2016


​Au  Dancer:  Lorraine  Lau
Dancing  in  Alice   Gosti  and  Mandy  Greer's
Before You Were Born and After You Are Gone
January  23, 2016



Wali  Panca

Au  Choreographer:  Imana Gunawan 

Au  Dancers:  Cheryl  Delostrinos,  Randy  Ford,   El  Nyberg,  
Hallie  Scott,  &  Rebecca  Smith

Presented  at  Next   Fest  Nw
Produced  by  Velocity  Dance  Center
December  11,  2015



The  New Masculine 

Au  Choreographer:  RAndy  Ford 

Au  Dancers: Randy  ford  and  Fausto  Rivera

Presented  at  Next   Fest  NW
Produced  by  Velocity  Dance  Center
December  11,  2015



Kristianne  Huntsberger  &  Au   Collective
Heroes  Among   Us

A  story  telling  workshop

December  9,  2015



Au  Choreographer:  Imana  Gunawan

Au  Dancers:  Michael  O'Neal
Performed  at  The  American   Dance  Guild   Festival
 at  the  Ailey Citigroup  Theater

December  3,  2015



Au  Dancer:  Lorraine Lau
Dancing  For  Alice  Gosti
In  Protecting  the   herd
December  3, 2015


AU  Choreographers  and  Dancers:  Randy  Ford,  Imana  Gunawan,  Michael  O'Neal Jr.,
Fausto  Rivera,  &  Rebecca  Smith
Launch  2.0

Produced  by  The  Studios
November  15,  2015



Au  dancer:  Cheryl  Delostrinos 
Dancing  for   Pat Graney &  Company in
Girl Gods
october  2015  through  november  2016



Au  Dancer:  El Nyberg 
in  Karin  Stevens  Dance  Company   &  The  Sam Boshnack  Quintet's
Currency of Evolution
October  23, 2015



Au  Collective 
in  the  University  of  Washington's
Opening  Doors:  Celebrating  50  Years  of  Dance  at  the  UW
October  18, 2015 



Au  Collective 
in  Velocity  Dance  Center's
Big  Bang
September  27,  2015

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Open  Studios:  Workshops  for the  Next  Generation  

presented  by  Stay  Happy  Collective   &  206  Zulu

April  27,  2017
Free | All-Ages






On  The  Brink:  Seattle House  Dance  Project  

presented  by Dani  Terrell,  Amy  O'Neal,   &  206  Zulu

 May  6,  2017
Free | All-Ages






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