Au Collective is a registered 501(c)3 organization

We strive to create a human connection that extends beyond our family of dancers and into the many communities of Seattle and afar

Donate to support our artists and the communities that empower us everyday

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Support our artists in their careers as professionals in Seattle


Dancer Stipends

Sponsor a photoshoot or time for a professional to capture our artistry


Photo/Video Services

Sponsor time spent in studios where we create, direct, and dream


Rehearsal Space

Fund a safe space for Au to provide dance technique and anti-oppression education workshops for youth


Youth Workshops

Provide the physical space for us to perform around the Seattle area


Event Spaces

Help us hire local professionals like musicians, lighting designers, stage/house managers, and more 


Production Staff

Need more options? Choose your own donation and contribute to our general fund, which covers: 

Gas & Transportation

Costumes & Props

Administrative meeting space

Marketing material

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