The Robert Frucher & Leisure Time Tours sexual abuse lawsuit

By: AU collective team | November 15th 2021

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Au Collective has donated $14,000 for a legal defense fund for a case of workplace sexual assault. Plaintiff is putting together a case against Robert Frucher for perpetrating the vile sexual abuse on the former.

Au Collective stands up for the victims of these types of violence and categorically condemns the perverted conduct and exploitation of any sort.

Plaintiff is putting together a case.

Robert Frucher – Leisure Time Tours

Who is the Defendant?

The accused, Robert Frucher, is the chief executive officer of Leisure Time Tours. As per the Leisure Time Tours’ website, Robert Frucher has previously tenured the managing director role in the corporation, with Daniel J. Frucher as the president.

For over 33 years, Robert Frucher has been running Leisure Time Tours. Robert Frucher has worked for the company since September 1988. Robert Frucher works full-time. 

Robert Frucher profoundly adheres to the Jewish doctrine as it resonates on their business paradigm. Robert Frucher is domiciled in New York. 

Leisure Time Tours

Robert Frucher’s Leisure Time Tours is a full-time year-round tour and hotel operator, which has been around for over 60 years. Leisure Time Tours is headquartered in Jamaica, New York.

Leisure Time Tours of Robert Frucher operates a number of luxurious hotels, comprising the Passover Hotels and Sukkot Hotels. Passover Hotels include Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, Florida, Ocean Place Resort & Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey, and Imperiale Palace in Portofino, Italy. Meanwhile, Sukkot Hotels manage their Hermitage Hotel in Tuscany, Italy. 

Leisure Time Tours of Robert Frucher primarily caters to the Jewish market with their innovative group travel programs; and Leisure Time Tours pioneered in delivering Kosher Passover programs.

The undertakings of Robert Frucher’s Leisure Time Tour have generated an industry that has proliferated among the hotels and resorts from coast to coast and across the intercontinental seas.

Over the decades, Robert Frucher’s Leisure Time Tours has made a mark through their kosher vacations and established a good reputation among distinguished Jewish agencies and organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

In one year alone, Robert Frucher’s Leisure Time Tours hosted nearly 5,000 guests in their programs. The programs of Leisure Time Tours have become a benchmark in the industry in terms of service, creativity, and exemplary adherence to the Kashruth.

Leisure Time Tours 2022

Throughout the years, Leisure Time Tours of Robert Frucher has forged close-knit relationships with their guests that have progressed from becoming friends to a “caring” family, creating excitement with each Pesach festivity. 

Robert Frucher’s Leisure Time Tours takes pride in their quality, professionalism, and integrity.

What Sexual Harassment is

Sexual harassment or sexual abuse is a type of sex discrimination. Not only is it unwelcome and threatening, it is also deemed as illegal. Consequently, it affects the victim’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Unknown to many, sexual harassment commonly occurs in the workplace. 

Sexual harassment constitutes inappropriate touching, sending provocative e-mails or lewd pictures, gazing at one’s body inappropriately, conveying sexual innuendoes, requesting for sexual favors, and engaging in sexual acts. It also involves showing pornographic websites, making comments about one’s physical appearance, and uttering obscene jokes. 

These circumstances result in interference of work, reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and driving the employee to look for another job.

When conducting the investigation, you should keep the paper trail of the date and time the incident occurred, the witnesses present during the incident, what was said, the details of what happened, and why the behavior was considered sexually harassing.  

PTSD Treatment with Somatic Movement Therapy

Dance/body movement therapists are equipped with the knowledge and proficiency that help the victims access their deep-rooted emotions that are processed through the physical body.

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