We   are   dance   artists of   color,   women

artists, and   queer   artists.





we   create   dance   that   celebrates   the   voices   and   visions   of   our   artistic   family.





Together   We   are   Realizing   the   world   we   want   to   live   in.




Who  WE  ARe


Au  (latin:   Aurum)   is   the   symbol   for   the   chemical   element   Gold.


Gold   is   a   cultural   symbol   for   celebration. 


we   are   golden.

Photo   by   Andrew   Imanaka




Au   Collective   develops    relatable    and    engaging    dance art   that   reflects    our    multi-faceted    family    of   dancers.    We    highlight    the    creative    perspective    of   all our   members   including    people of color,    queer people,    and   women.







To    create    a    human    connection    that    extends    beyond    our    family    of    dancers    and    into    the    many    communities of   Seattle    and    afar.



By    bringing    empowered    people    of    color    and    allies    on    stage,   we   create   multi-racial   dance   art   that   is   accessible   to   all   audiences    regardless    of    age,   race,   or   class.   In   doing   so,   we   support   our   dancers’   holistic   development   while   making   dance   accessible   to   marginalized   communities,   our   families,   and   our   friends   through   interactive   workshops,   open    rehearsals,   and  performances.






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