artists of color


The work we do together is healing for us as individuals and for our communities.


Access to the arts is a human right.


We put people of color, femmes, womxn, trans folks and queer folks at the forefront of the work, and actively dismantle the objectification of our bodies.


  • We have a responsibility to ourselves
  • Disrupting rather than perpetuating harmful values
  • Recognizing the privilege to be an artist
  • Honoring our ancestors and future selves by eliminating apathy with love
au collective about

Covid-19 Response Fund

Please donate now if you are an individual whose work and income have not been affected by COVID-19. We are reaching out to those with salaried positions, health care, and to anyone who has access to resources that others do not. Through your contributions, we work collectively to help those in urgent need in our communities.

In difficult times like these, we can choose to come together and support one another in concrete, substantial ways. We can’t do this without you, donate today.